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Of studies (essay) by Francis Bacon

Of Studies                                                                                                        Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is one of the greatest writers of English prose.  His earliest work of importance was the Essays. The language is simple, brief and clear. As Bacon says, “his essays are to be chewed and digested”. Bacon explains that there are three uses of study. We get three types of benefits from studies. First it gives us delight.  In our leisure time and in privacy, we can spend our time reading books, which give us both enjoyment and education.  Secondly, reading helps us to speak and communicate with people more efficiently. Thirdly studies help us to deal with our problems of life more effectively. We can make good judgement of matters and issues. Studies help professional experts to deal successfully with particular cases. 

2.  Study has some disadvantages. Spending too much time reading books will make a man lazy.  Another disadvantage is that those who study too much may make a show of their learning. This affectation should be avoided.  Again our too much study of books may develop in us a tendency to separate studies from their practical application in day to day life.  The scholar should avoid such bad tendencies. This bookish knowledge should be guided by experience of life.  Practical experience helps us to apply them to real life situations. There are cunning and crafty people who think that they need not want practical experience of life. Simple people admire book learning. But wise men use studies and apply them to life situations.

 3.  Bacon prescribes some rules of study. We should not read just to contradict or argue with others.  We should not blindly believe whatever we study in the books. We should keep an open mind. Bacon wants lovers of books to use their critical judgement and to evaluate impartially opinions of the authors.

4.  According to Bacon, all books are not to be read in the same manner. There are different types of books and Bacon tells us how we may approach each type of book. There are some books to be read in parts, so we may skip through the pages.  Some books are to be read completely.  But these books need not be studied well. We can read them for our curiosity. But some other books are to be studied carefully and digested, because their form and content are very important and useful for us in our practical life. Again some other books are to be read by deputies because the matter is very little.

5.  Now Bacon tells us how studies cure the diseases of our mind.  Reading makes a person up-to-date.  Every subject has its’ own value for the reader.  History helps us to enhance our wisdom. Poetry makes us imaginative.  Mathematics helps to acquire subtlety.  Natural philosophy makes us deep. On the other hand, moral philosophy gives us gravity.  Logic and rhetoric promote the power of debate and argument. Thus studies reform our character and make us more civilized. Studies can cure diseases of mind just as physical exercises cure defects of the body.  For example bowling is good for kidneys.  Shooting for the lungs and walking for digestion.  Similarly mathematics is a strong cure for mind wandering.  Scholastic philosophy is good for muddle thinking.  The study of law is an effective medicine for bad memory.


What according to Bacon is the use of studies? -   1st paragraph
How does Bacon show the abuse or disadvantage of studies? – 2nd paragraph
How does Bacon emphasize the value of experience?     -          2nd paragraph
What rules of study does Bacon prescribe?   -  3rd paragraph
Write a note on the different types of books?   - 4th paragraph
How do studies cure the diseases of the mind?  - 5th paragraph



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