Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I Salute the Unknown Professor

I salute the unknown Retired Professor Matthew, who was the 43rd witness in the Attingal double murder case, for his integrity and devotion to TRUTH and JUSTICE in the most trying circumstances. Professor Matthew, being the father of the murderer Nino Matthew, suffered the most ever since the double murder committed by his beloved son and the old man’s tears are ceaseless.  The Professor always upheld justice and honesty in his life and he never changed sides throughout the trial of the case. He had known that his devotion to truth and justice might hamper with the future of his beloved son in the verdict. Yet he was adamant.  He thus proved that his love for God is greater than love for his son and as a result the murderer gets rope and imprisonment. Newspaper report reads: “Nano Matthew, a 42 year old software engineer was given capital punishment for killing the three year old daughter Swasthika and 60 year old Omana, mother-in-law of his colleague and paramour Anu Santhi (34) in Alamcode near Attingal on April 16, 2014. Anu Santhi was given life sentences for conspiracy and murder”.
  Some years ago the same boldness was shown to the world by another parent, an unknown, illiterate village woman who found that her son was a terrorist and a traitor of the country, and without any hesitation she asked the authorities to punish him and she did not even want to see her son.
 I think of the unknown Professor and how he was overjoyed when Nino was born to him, he might have shared his joy with his friends and relations on the birth of his beloved son, he celebrated his baptism ceremony and of course, the child was sent to the best school available in the area. He was sent to the Sunday school where he learned the love of Christ and other Bible teachings and thus he grew up in the loving guidance of his parents and friends, and the Professor loved his child, dreamed beautiful dreams of his future and in order to fulfill the dreams, this Professor might have worked hard, and when his son passed exams after exams and was employed, got the first salary, and his marriage was arranged by the same old man.
 No parent can predict the behavior, the conduct of his/her children when they grew up. Some lucky parents’ offspring conduct well in their lives and bring glory and joy to their parents, whereas the unlucky parents keep silence in sorrow and grief when their children go perverted and behave as paranoiacs.
 The Professor did his best for his beloved son, and when the young man went astray, the loving father over and again warned him, begged him, advised him, wrote letters to him, from time to time, but alas, the inevitable tragedy stalked to the old man like a Tsunami, an earthquake, and he now a septuagenarian, sick and tired of life, is in grief. All his bright dreams are scattered on the rock of grim reality, the Fate like a villain ruined the spirit and soul of his old age, and sorrow and emptiness befell on him as his companions when all his contemporaries enjoy blissful peace and love in the midst of their sons, daughters, in-laws and grand children, the poor old man might be accused of not helping his son in the Court when almost all the selfish parents would have tried to help their children in such a situation, throwing to the wind, all the moral values and using all dirty tricks including tampering with evidences and playing perjury. But the professor stood alone resisting all these temptations, requests and even the threatened voices of the relatives to betray truth and justice. Thus the old Professor did his best to help the authorities to prove the case a triumph of justice and truth.

 But, sir I am proud of you, you did your best in the most difficult and painful circumstances and thereby brought glory to God and the society, where truth has a narrow margin. Among the Senior Citizens and parents who prefer moral values to bubbling reputation and material wealth, the Retired Professor will shine brightly like a star in their heart of hearts immortalizing truth and justice.                               Kjt/19-04-2016 

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