Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Reunion poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

By: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Reunion is one of the best poems of the great German poet Goethe who created a body of poetry that is unsurpassed in lucidity of speech and imagery and in instinct for melody and rhythm. He is the founder of the poetry of experience and he reintroduced intimacy to the public world, and his poems had something to offer every person.
 The theme of this poem ‘The Reunion’, Goethe speaks about the marvelous creative faculty of God, the Heavenly Father of all of us. It also tells us about the two creations made by God. The second creation helps man to be reunited with his Heavenly Father. The second creation is the marvelous mercy of God to man his beloved child, giving him the amazing gift of God’s creative faculty to Man, so that man can continue the noble work of God’s creative activity which gives man both pain and joy of creation!

 The narrator calls God as ‘the star of stars’ and he wants to press the Heavenly Father to his heart again.  In the beginning God had kept all his beloved children, the fauna and flora, the twinkling stars, the moon and the sun and every creature to his eternal breast because He loved His children more than Himself.
Then he ordained its hour of birth. It was a momentous decision. The time of creation! Let His beloved children come out His loving breast and grow eternally enjoying their Father’s creative faculty.  God spoke the sentence “Become”.
And the All with might throes burst into reality. The earth was enveloped in stark dark. On hearing the voice of God, dark disappeared and the dawn appeared and its kindness soon made known. Every child of God comes out of His loving breast and the universe abounds in twinkling stars, planets, trees, bushes, valleys, hills and green carpeted meadows, all creatures appeared everywhere, animals, birds, human beings, flowers of various colours and fruits and bushes, rivers, brooks, and oceans formed at the right place obediently with love and mercy flowed from the breast of Heavenly Father, the great architect of the universe.

 All the children of God went out of him with great pain and sorrow. Departure is always painful, but at the same time all His creations enjoy the bliss and love of new birth! Everywhere unbounded life, all stars and planets move humming divine music at their fixed orbits.  The beauty of creation is emerged out of pain of separation.

  Why Allah has created us?  We humans are God’s beloved children have the faculty of the beauty of creation.  Humans are created by God in His own form and personality.  So it is our duty to continue our Heavenly Father’s noble work of creation. The Reunion of God and Man is completed with God’s second command “Become” and we are not separated for a second time. We are one in the spirit.  This marvelous reunion is the loving gift of God to man, his children.   When the silver bright rays of morning came, I was impelled into my Heavenly Father’s mouth and stamped with thousand seals by night and the bond between Father and son is once again sealed. Thus I received the marvelous creative faculty of my Father God!

 Thus man began the noble work of God, making researches in every field of life probing how and why the universe is created. Science and technology began to be developed. Art, literature, music began to grow. Great epic poems have been created.  Communication, transportation, Railways, Aero plane, computers came into being. The beauty and rhythm of God’s creation flows on through Man, enjoying the bliss of creative faculty.                                                                                                                                                 Kjt/09-02-2017

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