Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Yogitha Reghuvanshi - an extraordinary woman - by K. J. Thomas

I salute Yogitha Reghuvanshi , a lawyer who turns a truck driver for her survival. This time I am talking to you about Ms.Yogitha Reghuvanshi from Bhopal, a lean tall young woman. This unknown young lady is the epitome of feminine beauty and strength. A few years ago her husband Raj Bahadoor, who had been a truck driver was killed in a road accident. At that time Yogitha, the mother of two children had been doing her LLB course and was about to practice Law in the court. The death of Raj Bahadoor was a bolt from the blue for Yogitha as there was no one to help this poor middle class widow and soon she found that her lawyer’s profession could not give her enough financial assistance to run a big family of two children and her husband’s old parents and relations, who wanted costly medicines and hospital care. She had no time to beg or cry. She neither waited for the ‘freebees of the government or any other charitable institutions for help. Instead she thought of fighting for survival.
 As she was a novice in the Law court she had very few cases and could not earn enough money to run her family. So she thought of new ways to overcome her poverty and she had no hesitation to become a truck driver to make both ends meet. She learned to drive National Permit heavy vehicles. It was a Herculian task but she was determined. She put down the dark clown and put on kakkhi uniform and began to drive the heavy truck carrying average 1200 cases of liquor bottles regularly from Bhopal to Kerala covering over 2200 kilometers, passing through various states braving extreme climate  and, sometimes there are landslides, hartal, strikes, snow falling, heavy rain and thieves and robbers. Having overcome these odds, she always safely reaches destinations. She takes six days to reach Palakkadu in Kerala, all the way from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.
She is happy that her children can continue their college studies and her in laws are quite hale and hearty, thanks to the hard work and determination of the iron lady of Bhopal. Her modus operandi is to collect beforehand as much details as possible about the states through which she is driving her truck. She would collect the telephone numbers of the hotels and motels on the way, details about the resting places, food in various states and the telephone numbers of nearest police stations on the high way. Months passed by and her truck reached the spot always in time and it pleased her clients.  Very soon her contracting company found her one of the best drivers, and her skill in the art of driving was noted by everyone in the field. Moreover she is sincere and a symbol of self reliance and Mahindra Company offered her a new vehicle as a gift and all possible help.
 This unknown, young mother of two children gives us inspiration to face the day to day difficulties of life. When she reaches home after a long drive lasting more than half a month, she writes about her new experiences of life, new friends and, strange places and events she had come across and felt, she says with an innocent smile. She also adds that her education and the knowledge of law always help her to a great extend, to overcome traffic and other problems in her driving career.
 After unloading the liquor bottles in the Beverage ware house at Cannanore, she drove her vehicle to Palakkad godown of the Beverage store. When the unloading was done, she sat again on the driving seat, turned the ignition key and the engine started with a roar, but when her light foot pressed on the accelerator, the truck, like an obedient child of a loving mother moved on along the National Highway to Bhilai, far far from Kerala, where in a small house, four souls anxiously waiting for the horn of Yogitha’s vehicle.  Yes. Ms Yogitha Reghuvanshi has promises to keep, And miles to go before sleep, And miles to go before sleep’. The wheels of her heavy vehicle roll on to a bright future far, far away. Don’t you think Yogitha the unknown young woman is the symbol of self-reliance?                            Kjt/27-05-2016

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