Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spiritual Thoughts of a layman essay by K. J. THOMAS

 Science and religion always act as complimentary to each other. Religion fills the gaps where science makes omissions and in turn science too does help religion by cautioning whenever religion crosses the limit. Dan Brown the great writer says, “Science and religion are partners trying to use two different languages to tell the story of human life and the universe”. Ancient India produced nine schools of philosophy and all these philosophies are the offspring of Hinduism.  Among them Buddhism and Jainism developed into religions. These two religions don’t speak about the existence of God. Rather they are silent about it. But all these philosophies speak about ‘Karma’ and ‘incarnation theory.  They also say that human- made laws are fallible, whereas natural laws are infallible. Law of Karma refers to cause and effect theory based on infallible natural laws.  According to Indian spirituality, all our enjoyments or sufferings, failures or success are due to the Karmic effect of our previous life. It is as infallible as Isaac Newton’s Third Law ( for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction).
In novels, short stories, TV serials, dramas and cinemas, incidents and episodes are created by the script writers, directors or novelists. People blindly believe these stories as so real to life. But in life truth and reality are more painful, unbelievable and even shocking! This is because God is impartial and honest and the most interesting aspect of God’s justice is it is just opposite of man’s thinking, and his honesty, truth and justice! The Bible says, “O the depth of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How unsearchable his judgments are and past tracing out his ways are! For who has come to know Jehovah’s mind or who has become his counselor?” (Romans 11:33-34).
The Jaina school of philosophy speaks of ‘Syadavada’ or the theory of relativity of judgment. According to ‘Sayadavada’, reality has infinite aspects. In our ignorance, we cannot understand them all. Therefore all our judgments are conditional, i.e made from a particular point of view and circumstances. When the time and the context are changed, the judgment also becomes wrong or false!  In short all the judgments made by man are partly true and partly untrue.
Scientific researches and surveys found that a person with higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is always more successful in life than others. But experience of life taught that this theory is wrong.  It has been proved that a person with higher IQ and brilliant academic qualifications often failed in the practical field of life. One must have enough Emotional Quotient (EQ) to face the rough realities of life. It has also been proved that both (IQ) and (EQ) are born out of Karmic Quotient (KQ).

Karmic Quotient determines genetic factors through heredity, environment, opportunities and circumstances that shape human life. In life nothing happens by chance. People call this phenomenon ‘luck or fortune or misfortune or bad luck’. They go to astrologers to find out their fortunes or misfortunes in life. The fortune-tellers make a fortune out of these fortune seekers! Our aspirations, expectations, efforts, inclinations and capabilities are directly derived from Karma. So Karma is the key tool in the divine operation.  Karma Quotient is accumulated by many years of life cycle on the earth. We notice many people repent after the sufferings and difficulties they had faced due to their own wickedness and carelessness, and finally they have become reformed characters! Karma is there to make us learn through experiences and thus we are purified.  We can change our destiny or misfortunes not by going to astrologers or by visiting various pilgrim centers and making offerings to the deities but by correcting our own mistakes in life. We take firm decisions and deeds to do the right thing, keeping away from the wickedness and cruelties and lead a straight path of honest life and thus we can bring peace and love in our life which will brighten even the lives of our kith and kin.                   Kjt/29-04-2016

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